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Volunteers Needed

Do you knit, crochet, quilt or loom?

We would love to have your help making blankets, slippers, scarves and hats

Cathy and Carol have felt the need to make blankets, scarves and hats for people that are in shelters and hospitals. We are going to be making these items and welcome volunteers who would like to help us. Right now we are purchasing fleece to make tied blankets and yarn to make scarfs, hats and afghans and quilts. We have assigned a budget for this project and are working on them at the present time. This is a long term, year round project for us and you can help by donating a handmade item to our charity for these bags.

We hope that giving blankets to people in shelters will see them as hope for the future and especially if they left home with nothing but the clothes on their back, they will have a warm blanket to snuggle in and dream of a positive future, the blanket is theirs to keep as they move on. Scarfs and hats will also help to keep them warm this winter.

For years Carol has been making LUV Blankets for the kids at Seattle Children’s Hospital and will continue to do this under the Sun and Surf Charity “Comfort and Care Bags” project.

Comfort and Care Bags contain:
Blanket (Fleece Blanket or hand crocheted/knitted/quilted Afghan)
Knitted or crochet children’s and adult slippers– we are looking for volunteers
Small Teddy Bear
All these items are packed into a bag with handles for easy carrying!

Please volunteer to help make handmade items for our "Comfort and Care Bags" Tell us how to get in touch with you and what you would like to help us make.

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